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Electronic cuff pressure gauge is designed to monitor cuff pressure for trachea cannula, tracheotomy tube, or duplex cavity bronchial cannula with high-capacity and low-pressure cuffs. It provides both real-time monitoring and digital display. Alarms will be generated when the lower or upper limit of cuff pressure is exceeded, thus reducing potential risks to patients. No human intervention is required as long as the cuff pressure is in its safety range, which helps reduce workload of clinical medical staff.

Clinical Significance

In General, the pressure inside the cuff should be maintained in the range of 20~30cmH2O. A too high pressure would cause ischemic injury to airway wall mucosa, and a too low pressure would negate the ability of the cuff to prevent secretion from entering the pulmonary bronchi and may consequently cause VAP (ventilator-associated pneumonia). It has been proven in clinical applications that continuous cuff pressure monitoring can effectively reduce the incidence of VAP.

Accurate measurement and easy observation

Bosch pressure sensors provide a response time as short as 1ms and ensure accurate pressure measurement; Digital display function is used in place of dial indicators in traditional pressure gauges for easier observation.

Continuous monitoring and abnormal pressure alarm

Equipped with low-power PIC microprocessors, the device can continuously work for 30 days; the safety pressure range is set as 22~30cmH2O. Any pressure out of this range will trigger both buzzer and flashing light alarms immediately.

Reduce complications and avoid air leakage


Continuous monitoring protects patient’s safety with real-time and reduces the incidence of VAP. Enhanced sealing is provided for the gauge port to eliminate the common problem of air leakage in traditional pressure gauges.

Application Range

Double lumen bronchus intubation
Tracheotomy intubation
Tracheal intubation

Application Department


Surgical ICU


Medicine ICU


Emergency ICU


Anesthesiology ICU


Respiratory ICU


Cardiology ICU


Neurology ICU


Burn ICU