Respiratory Neuromuscular Stimulator

Respiratory nerve and muscle stimulator is a therapeutic device that assists respiration by increasing activity range of diaphragm and abdominal muscles, improving pulmonary ventilation function, and preventing disuse atrophy of respiratory muscles. It realizes the above functions through electric stimulation on phrenic nerves and abdominal muscles at the same time. It is designed for rehabilitation treatment of respiratory muscles, and can also be used to facilitate expectoration of patients suffering from cough and weakness.

Operation Principle

Six pairs of in vitro electrodes provide functional electrical stimulation for diaphragm nerves and abdominal muscles to cause their regular contractions, thus increasing tidal volume, facilitating exhalation of CO2 from pulmonary alveoli, and gradually increasing the strength and endurance of the patient’s respiratory muscles. As a result, both daily living activity and life quality of the patient can be improved.

Product Features

Diaphragm and abdominal muscles are critical parts in a respiratory system. In a respiration cycle, the diaphragm muscles contract during inspiration, and the abdominal muscles contract during expiration. The device helps improve pulmonary ventilation by stimulating the diaphragm nerves during inspiration to increase the movement range of diaphragm muscles for a higher tidal volume and stimulating the abdominal muscles during expiration to facilitate exhalation of CO2 from pulmonary alveoli, reduce residual CO2, and increase intra-abdominal pressure.

Respiratory synchronization mode

Both inspiratory duration and breathing frequency can be configured depending on patient conditions. Visual and audio signals are generated to remind a patient to switch between inspiration and expiration mode, and fine tuning of autonomous respiration allows synchronization with the respiratory nerve and muscle stimulator.

Current output mode

The respiratory nerve and muscle stimulator adopts a current output mode(maximum current is 100mA), which makes it easier for the stimulating signals to penetrate the skin and act on deeper muscles and nerves while avoiding tingling sense of skin that is felt during voltage output stimulations.

Prolonged operation

Embedded with 3400mAh battery packs, the respiratory nerve and muscle stimulator enables easier adaptation during treatment. The device can be operated for 10 hours without interruption, which correspond to normal treatment for 20 patients.

Applicable Departments

The system is ideal for treating respiratory dysfunction and difficult breathing due to a variety of reasons.

Respiratory department

COPD, asthma, chronic respiratory failure, pulmonary heart disease, pulmonary artery hypertension, interstitial lung disease

Rehabilitation department

spinal injury, intractable hiccup


expectoration weakness, ICUAW, ventilator dependence